Lust (sin)

How ironic that the Virgin Mary is loosing her virginity in a dark alley, but according to the movie, this isnt considered a sin because its within the holy time. Though , according to the seven deadly sins , lust in fact is a sin. Madeinusa had only met Salvador ( the young man in this gif) about a day before she decided that she wanted him and she wanted to leave with him, run away to Lima ,Peru . Though not only did she have sex with Salvador this night, but once she got home she was then taken by her father – something they had been planning for tiempo santo because it wouldn’t be a sin. Morality is out the door in this movie. Completely.

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  • Mehtab Warya says:

    It is very disgusting to see the hypocritical nature of humans. I’m unable to comprehend why it would be okay to commit sin during el tiempo santo. A sin is a sin. How would committing a sin during a holy time efface the consequences of committing the sin?

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