Morality in Madeinusa

           As i said before in Madeinusa, morality is completely thrown out the door !  Not only is there large parties full of drinking and adultery , but Madeinusa’s dad planned to (and succeeded on) having sex with her with her sister right next to them. Though moments before this happened Madeinusa had sex with Salvador in an alley. There are men drunk on the street, there are murders of both people and animals during this time. though as someone mentioned in one of my previous posts, this reminded them of the movie  the purge  because in that movie , the people are allowed to do what ever is wanted with out any penalty , and it is when freedom like this is given that all morality is lost. Though Paul Ramsey would say that these two days of Tiempo Santo that this can act as a way to benefit the community, much like how the people in the purge thought. Ramsey said that there is ” no morality without immorality” .
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Whats most ironic about this is that they are celebrating this time due to their religion, though they are going against all of the religions morals during this time.

              What a paradox.

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  • Jenny Meza says:

    I like how you throw in how Tiempo Santo is a paradox, because this is completely true. They are celebrating God in a completely ironic and sadistic way. The themes and events in this film are completely dark and barbarous. Great job incorporating them into your posts because of their irony!

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